Thursday, August 16, 2018

CUSWF August 2018 Newsletter

We're pleased to bring you the first edition of the SAGE BLOSSOM TIMES, a monthly newsletter of the China-US Women’s Foundation.

We hope you will join us to empower women to achieve their potential and to thrive. Enjoy the benefits of being part of nearly one billion women strong! In case you missed our opening party, you can watch the Sinovision News Report on our website

CUSWF Supports The Arts!

Let’s Go To The Theater Together!

CUSWF is pleased to introduce New York audiences to innovative Chinese theater. Yuting He ("Rain"), an award-winning playwright and actress from Shanghai Theater Academy, brings together ancient themes in a modern performance which promises to be the hit of the season. The play Where Is My Maple Town tells the classic story of Li Yufeng, a gifted scholar who struggles to hold onto his principles in a society which conspires against morality at every turn.

Please join us on Wednesday, August 29th at 6:30 pm for a reception to meet the stars, director, and playwright, then see the play at 8:00 pm.
Click here for tickets & more information about the play
Theatre Row - The Studio Theatre
410 West 42nd Street (Between 9th and 10th Avenues)

CUSWF and Newark Make Music!

CUSWF is helping to build a Maker’s Space in Newark’s City Hall! The vision as stated by Gwen Moten, Newark Executive Director, Arts, Cultural Development/Tourism, is “to help build a ‘Culture of Creativity’ full of artists and musicians--in the center of government. Many thanks to Musifai, ( the online musical instruments platform, for their support of this program. This is the first of many Maker’s Spaces that CUSWF will be supporting in the US and China. Click here to find out more.

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When you donate to the China-US Women’s Foundation you are joining a global community in the United States and China committed to helping women and girls to thrive. We are focused on the SAGE Initiative including supportive activities in Social Medicine, Arts, Gender Equality and Education. Click here to donate on our website
Kind regards,
China-US Women's Foundation

大家好!在这生机勃勃、阳光明媚的夏日里,让我们一起欢庆- Sage Blossom- 美中妇女基金会月刊的诞生!美中妇女基金会(CUSWF)是一家在美国成立的非盈利机构,我们的宗旨在于帮助女性充分发挥自己的潜能,从而提升我们女性本身和整个女性群体。希望你能加入我们,贡献与分享作为将近十亿女性中一员的力量和成就。CUSWF的开幕式于今年五月于纽约曼哈顿经融街如期举行。如果您没能前来参加我们的开幕派对,可以通过访问我们的网站收看“美国中国电视”的新闻报导:

相信大家对中国艺术与中国美都有自己的了解和见解,CUSWF向大家推荐创新中国歌剧- “枫梓乡“。Yuting He(“雨”),一个来自上海剧院的得奖编剧和女演员,为我们带来融合古代主题的现代表演,保证成为这一季的闪光点。作为该剧的支持机构,CUSWF为“枫梓乡”提供了公关及联络服务。我们与剧组将在8月28日星期二出现在大家的视野里,恭请您加入我们一起欣赏这台精彩的百老汇歌剧。
(Under Off-Broadway Category)

CUSWF正在帮助美国新洲纽瓦克市的市政府大楼创建Maker’s Space,一个DIY的活动中心。据纽瓦克执行董事(兼艺术,文化发展和旅游部)Gwen Moten女士所说:这个项目的目标是为了帮助在城市的中心建立充满艺术家和音乐家的创新文化中心。我们对Musifai网络乐器平台的鼎力支持表示感谢。这将是CUSWF在美国和中国支持的第一个Maker’s Space,也希望将来对此项目提供更多的支持。

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