Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Musifai and China-US Women’s Foundation Launch Girls Play Music Program to Provide Free Musical Instruments to Students

Musifai and China-US Women’s Foundation Launch Girls Play Music Program
to Provide Free Musical Instruments to Students
NEW YORK, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Musifai, the innovative online musical instruments platform, has announced that it is working with the China-US Women’s Foundation to donate musical instruments to the Girls Play Music program, for girls who want to learn to play music but cannot afford the cost.  According to Ti Zhang, CEO of Musifai, “I founded Musifai to enable more people to have access to musical instruments at reasonable prices. I have played the violin in orchestras in China and the US and in my experience music is an international language that can bring us together. Working with the China-US Women’s Foundation, the Girls Play Music program will allow us to reach girls who cannot afford instruments but who have a passion for music.  We will reach out to schools in both the US and China on behalf of  this program.
Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt, Executive Director of the China-US Women’s Foundation said, “We are grateful to Musifai for helping us launch the Girls Play Music program to provide musical instruments to girls.  Working with NGOs and provincial governments in China and the US,  we plan to enable girls to find their voices through music.
Mr. Zhang concluded, Everyone at Musifai plays an instrument and our goal  is to make playing music an affordable activity and to be a haven for musicians worldwide.  We are confident that access to instruments will make a difference in many girls’ lives and we are happy to be a leader in this initiative.”
About Musifai
Musifai is a musical instrument e-commerce platform that provides rentals and purchase services for all kinds of musical instruments. Within a few clicks, you can select the model, the rental plan, delivery location, and you will be good to go! For more information, go to www.musifai.com

About China-US Women’s Foundation
The China-US Women's Foundation is a 501-C3 not-for-profit organization which adheres to the UN Women's Sustainability Goals. Through utilizing data, latest technologies and personal interaction, we seek to support women in China and the US to achieve their potential. https://cuswf.org/
Musifai Contact:
Ti Zhang CEO/ ti@musifai.com/212-378-6735
China-US Women’s Foundation Contact:
Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt Executive Director, leslie@cuswf.org


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