Thursday, June 28, 2018

China-US Women’s Foundation Supports Off-Broadway Production of Ancient Chinese Tale entitled

 Where is My Maple Town

June 22, 2018, New York City - The China-US Women's Foundation (CUSWF), a not-for-profit organization with offices in New York and Shanghai, announced it is showcasing the upcoming play entitled Where is My Maple Town, a play incubated by Shanghai Theatre Academy, which will premiere off Broadway in TheatreRow from August 24th through September 2nd.  Based on an ancient Chinese drama, the production will incorporate Chinese heritage and cultural themes containing both ancient and modern language style, including Sheng, Dan, Jing, Chou and Chinese opera. The play explores traditional Chinese culture and Confucian themes through the lens of contemporary interpretations.

China-US Womens Foundations Executive Director, Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt said, We are delighted to support the production of an ancient Chinese tale and expose a New York audience to innovative Chinese theatre.  Rain (Yuting He) is an award winning  playwright and actress from Shanghai Theatre Academy who written a play which brings together ancient themes in a modern performance. We hope our CUSWF members and friends will attend the performances.

The China-US Womens Foundation promotes culturally diverse programs within local communities to enhance creativity, diversity and multiculturalism.

Genevieve Yiming Wang, producer of Where Is My Maple Town, said, Its an honor to produce Yutings work and with the artistic direction of Simone Teng, the play surely will add to the diverse culture spectrum in New York. As a team of young Chinese women, we aim to create platforms for Asian theater talents and to offer our own interpretations of ancient Chinese culture. We would love to thank China-US Womens Foundation for promoting our play.

Rain Yuting He, the playwright said, Its like a dream to finally present this play Ive been writing for more than three years on Off-Broadway. Through this journey, dozens of people helped me which makes me so grateful. In the US, a dream of creating something by ourselves brings us together, first is Genevieve, then the director, then more and more people joined in our group, together pushes this ancient Chinese story goes further.  Where Is My Maple Towntells a story of a good person in China who struggles to hold onto his principles in a society which conspires against morality at every turn. Li Yufeng, who has failed his exams despite his gifts as a scholar, gives into the temptation to cheat, which starts him down a treacherous path. This "ancient" Chinese drama is rich in humor, irony and social commentary, as it critiques how society changes a man into the sort of person he hates.

"It is a social comedy set in ancient China which causes us to reflect on society today and the price of our own success, said Tony Award-winning playwright David H. Hwang, Rains professor at Columbia University.

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Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt
Executive Director

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Musifai and China-US Women’s Foundation Launch Girls Play Music Program to Provide Free Musical Instruments to Students

Musifai and China-US Women’s Foundation Launch Girls Play Music Program
to Provide Free Musical Instruments to Students
NEW YORK, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Musifai, the innovative online musical instruments platform, has announced that it is working with the China-US Women’s Foundation to donate musical instruments to the Girls Play Music program, for girls who want to learn to play music but cannot afford the cost.  According to Ti Zhang, CEO of Musifai, “I founded Musifai to enable more people to have access to musical instruments at reasonable prices. I have played the violin in orchestras in China and the US and in my experience music is an international language that can bring us together. Working with the China-US Women’s Foundation, the Girls Play Music program will allow us to reach girls who cannot afford instruments but who have a passion for music.  We will reach out to schools in both the US and China on behalf of  this program.
Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt, Executive Director of the China-US Women’s Foundation said, “We are grateful to Musifai for helping us launch the Girls Play Music program to provide musical instruments to girls.  Working with NGOs and provincial governments in China and the US,  we plan to enable girls to find their voices through music.
Mr. Zhang concluded, Everyone at Musifai plays an instrument and our goal  is to make playing music an affordable activity and to be a haven for musicians worldwide.  We are confident that access to instruments will make a difference in many girls’ lives and we are happy to be a leader in this initiative.”
About Musifai
Musifai is a musical instrument e-commerce platform that provides rentals and purchase services for all kinds of musical instruments. Within a few clicks, you can select the model, the rental plan, delivery location, and you will be good to go! For more information, go to

About China-US Women’s Foundation
The China-US Women's Foundation is a 501-C3 not-for-profit organization which adheres to the UN Women's Sustainability Goals. Through utilizing data, latest technologies and personal interaction, we seek to support women in China and the US to achieve their potential.
Musifai Contact:
Ti Zhang CEO/
China-US Women’s Foundation Contact:
Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt Executive Director,

Saturday, June 2, 2018

SAGE Times-June

SAGE Times

Dear CUSWF Friends and Members,

Welcome to the first monthly SAGE Times Newsletter brought to you by the China-US Women’s

The China-US Women's Foundation (CUSWF), a not-for-profit organization with offices in NY
and Shanghai, hosted its first event on May 23rd and called for closer ties between women in
China and the US in order to be a catalyst for positive change.  At the inaugural Summit speakers discussed how ‘Femtech, Fintech and Fashion’ can help over 667 million women in
China and 157 million women in the US achieve their potential.

See the great Sinovision News report about the Foundation by going on our website at:

The China-US Women’s Foundation has committed to a SAGE approach including

S (Social Medicine): Foster conditions for a healthier society by improving social and economic
conditions. Engage in dialogue about how women in China and the US cope with disease and
chronic pain to find meaningful solutions.

A (Arts): Support culturally diverse programs within communities to promote creativity, diversity
and multiculturalism. The Foundation is promoting the world premiere of an ancient Chinese
drama entitled ‘Where is My Maple Town’ which will be performed off Broadway from August 24
thru September 2.

G (Gender equality): Support efforts to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of
women.  Engage in conversations with various constituencies in China and the US, both men
and women, to accelerate progress in meeting women’s needs.

E (Education) : Provide opportunities in training and learning new skills to allow girls and
women to achieve their potential.  Girls' educational levels has been demonstrated to have
clear impacts on the health and economic future of young women, which in turn improves the
prospects of their entire community.  

For more exciting news, click here:
Our next event, “Different Ways Chinese and US Women Cope with Pain” will take place on
June. We will update you with details shortly.

A famous Chinese Proverb says, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”
Women working together can illuminate the entire world.!

Regards, Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt
Executive Director, CUSWF

For more information please visit the China-US Women’s Foundation website:

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